Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla

And it truly is a gift to be able to stay here!!!!!  The food, the service, that you receive from the staff is second to none, and wow, the views that are from the patio, and, of course, the rest of La Jolla are absolutely amazing and soothing to the soul.

La Jolla B&B serves a 3 course breakfast that may consist of fruit and/or salad for the first course.  Main entree will be eggs served in a way that you probably would not cook at home or even in a restaurant and my favorite breakfast was waffles with fruit and whipped cream.  The 3rd course, also my favorite, is always a fabulous breakfast dessert that may include, for example, homemade peach ice cream.  Who says one can't have dessert with breakfast??
La Jolla Inn

La Jolla Inn entryway

La Jolla Inn Breakfast Patio

La Jolla Inn Common Area

La Jolla Inn Inside Breakfast Area

La Jolla Inn 2nd floor Patio

Never seen this pretty little flower before.
On the last day, it was sad for us to leave this paradise, but alas, we had to return home.  This b&b does goodbye with a lot of class with a parting gift which consisted of 2 delicious homemade truffles, one white and the other chocolate.  Very very good.  I haven't come across that quality very often.  It will usually appear in only high end chocolate shops.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sunsetting in La Jolla California

Wow!!!!  I just came back from one of my dream vacations, La Jolla, California!!!!  As I am a lover of  the ocean and have been since a young child, I fell in love with the place, the first time I saw the La Jolla beach in the movie, Gidget, that I saw as a young girl.  Who would not fall in love with that place!!!!!
Just their amazing sunsets should make you fall in love with the place!!!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mount Washingon Cruise, Weirs Beach NH

Wow!!!  This cruise brought many wonderful childhood memories back for me, as this was an annual summer tradition that my family undertook.  That was to board the Mt. Washington and take a day cruise in New Hampshire's largest body of water, Lake Winnipesaukee.  It is a 2.5 hour cruise that was very relaxing on a Monday.  Warning:  on the weekends, it might not be quite as relaxing, but I can guarantee the children and you will still enjoy the trip!

Lake Winnipesaukee is largely a spring-fed lake with a total of 365 islands.  Of course, some of those islands may be as small as a rock, and other islands only have room for a couple of homes, but with one island, Governor's Island, that I know of, has numerous homes.  In fact, there are too many to count.

If you are in the area, I highly recommend the trip.  With the pictures, I am sure, you can imagine what a spectacular fall foliage trip would be.  The Mt. Washington offers limited trips in the fall, but very worthy trips.  The ship also offers sunset cruises with various themes.  I think I noticed they were having an Elvis cruise soon.  I haven't been on a sunset cruise in awhile, but when I did, I can tell you the food was fabulous!  The Mt. Washington is also available for private functions to include weddings!!!!!

There are also other boats should you want a shorter cruise!!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Griddle in the Middle Pancake House, Laconia NH

Much to my  surprise on this day, I received a homemade breakfast from Tom.  We walked into this restaurant expecting to have them cook our breakfast.  To our amazement, the waitress explained that, as we have a griddle in the middle, hence the name, we would be brought our order, and then we would cook it ourselves.  What fun!!!!!  Well, at least for me, as I still received a homemade breakfast!  LOL!!!

The pancakes came with a delicious homemade syrup.  Yum!!!!!

What a neat idea!!!!  The meals were a lot less expensive and in this economy, a large family would do really well to eat here.  Unlimited pancakes for starters!!!!!!  The kids could really get involved in cooking and have a lot of fun with it.  Great quality time for families!

 Here I am leaving after being fully satiated from a bountiful breakfast!!!!  Tom, however, claimed to be a bit tired!  LOL!!!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Reid State Park, Georgetown ME

Above photo by Stacie Coburn

 Reid State Park has to be one of the cleanest and gorgeously expansive state parks set along the ocean, that I have had the privilege to visit.  It comes complete with two gorgeous, and from what I saw, quiet beaches.  If you, along with many, are to timid for the frigid waters of Maine, the park also has a lagoon, where the water was considerably warmer on the day I visited.  For your convenience, the temperatures are posted daily. The park also has outdoor showers, and I believe indoor showers along with a changing area next to the bathrooms. 
Reid State Park also has a concession stand, however, if you plan ahead, and bring a huge picnic basket, one can easily spread out on on of their many picnic tables scattered around the park.
Aside from the beautiful beaches and the lovely lagoon, the park is perfect for the more active set also with rocks and walkways easily accessible for just about everyone, complete with benches for those who wish to sit for a bit and just take in the view.  When you get to the top, you will find two viewing binoculars that are found in many probably every state park in the country.

Osprey Restaurant, Georgetown ME

For our special dinner, the day after the wedding festivities, Stacie, Dana, Tom & I chose the Osprey Restaurant in Georgetown and had a wonderfully enchanting time.  Upon being seated, we were treated to this extraordinary rainbow.  Not sure if you can see the double rainbow from the picture, but that was certainly a treat.

We  also were all delighted with the meals.  Tom & Stacie had the salmon and were extremely happy with it.  (I tried Tom's and I liked it also.)  Dana had the steak tips and also was very satisfied.  He also let me try a bit of his and I have to say, it was very good indeed.  As my appetite was not up to par that evening, I chose a very good salad topped with strawberries and a maple vinaigrette.  Very good.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

New England Seaside Wedding

For their nuptials, Christel & Darryl chose the gorgeous Grey  Havens Inn in Georgetown Maine.  Oh my gosh, I feel like I just attended my dream wedding.
 The guests were seated on the expansive lawn facing the brilliant blue sea as the bride and groom exchanged their vows.  As the justice of the peace is a mutual friend of Christel & Darryl, he was able to make it very personal.  Absolutely amazing!!!!!
After the nuptials and a bountiful buffet, the bride, groom and their guests danced the night away.
The date was very special to the bride as it is very close to her most special sister, matron of honor, Ellice, who was married last year.  You can see her amazing New England wedding in my August 2012 posts.