Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Lenox Hotel, Boston MA

We stayed at the Lenox Hotel in Boston.  What a wonderful and gorgeous hotel.  I would say the Lenox Hotel is easily a 5 star.  It is located in a very nice and safe part of Boston.  Everything about the hotel is outstanding, the rooms, as you can see they are very nicely decorated and immaculate, the lobby (above) is spectacular.  The rooms are even equipped with a mini refrigerator which makes for a great opportunity for you to bring those fabulous leftovers.  I'm sure that the hotel would not mind heating up your takeout for you.

The service is amazing.  Very prompt room service served with a flair.  There were a few things on the room service menu that was competitively priced, such as the mushroom pizza we rec'd for $10.  Most pizzas are $10.  Any small problem, you may have and the front desk is so happy and looks to serve your every want and need.

We had breakfast at their City Table and the food was very good.

I would definitely recommend this hotel and stay again given the chance.


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